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duty for Concessions


Football Game -September 8th  

6:30-after half

Kelly Nelson, Kari Wells, Shoni Deloney, Julie Clubb, Matt and Joy Snell

Before half time - Close

Laura Miller, Jenice Bergstrom, Becky Kindschuh, Ty Fickenscher,


Football Game -September 15th  -- HOMECOMING

6:30-after half

Kelly Nelson, LeAnn Jochum, Kendall Lammers, Julie Clubb. Ty Fickenscher,                  Deeon Cederburg

Before half time - Close

Niki Halvorsen, Amanda Kuehl, Cara Modlin, Darcie Senff, Linda Lienemann, Lisa LeClair


Football Game -September 29th  

6:30-after half

 matt and Joy Snell, Darcie Senff, Niki Halvorsen, LeAnn Jochum, Cara Modlin, Troy Delaney

Before half time - Close

Laura Miller, Angela Fickenscher, Shane and Kelly Eckhoff


Football Game -October 20th  

6:30-after half

Dave/Brenda Bergstrom, Kari Wells, Dana French, Rachel Hawkins, Andrea Runge,         Tracy Lindau

Before half time - Close

Shane and Kelly Eckhoff, Amanda Kuehl, Deeon Cederburg, Jenny Nickel


September 11th 


Corey Smidt, Teresa Bertrand/ Shelley Fresdilla, Lori Holmes


October 2nd


Corey Smidt, Maria Burgos/ Shelley Fresdilla, Lisa LeClair


October 16th


Corey Smidt, Maria Burgos/ Lori Holmes, Linda Lienemann


September 14th


Rachelle Bertrand, Andrea Runge, Hilda Banda Paula Fuestman, Ty Fickenscher, Nicole or Landon Walt,


Jenice Bergstrom, Becky Kindschuh, Amy Beck


September 28th

2:30 - 5:00

Hilda Banda, Michele Cline, Paula Fuestman


Jeannene Olson, Tim Erickson, Trish Danburg


October 3rd

4:00 - close

Michele Cline, Shawn and Jennifer Soderquist, Kendall Lammers, Amy Beck


October 21st


Angela Fickenscher, Jodi Hinrichs, Shawn and Jennifer Soderquist, Kristen Wehrer

2:30 - close

Nicole or Landon Walt, Tim Erickson Erickson, Jenny Nickel


October 24th 


Rachelle Bertrand, Barb Wagner, Jodi Hinrichs, Kristen Wehrer


Trish Danburg, Lisa Skaggs, Jeannene Olson, Rachel Hawkins

Axtell Community School prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religious creed age, martial status, military or veteran status, national origin, sex, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or expreression, or past or present physical or mental disability.