21-22 Reopen Plan

The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for how Axtell Community School will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic if another outbreak should occur and its impact on the educational program at Axtell Community School during the 2021-2022 school year. The framework of this document is structured using the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association (NRCSA) document developed by rural school superintendents and information provided by Two Rivers Health Department in order to allow the district to be responsive to changing public health circumstances. The presence of a formal, more detailed plan developed for the Axtell community will support the district in articulating this summary that will be used at the building level and provide guidance and training for our teachers at all levels. The NRCSA document link can be found on the Axtell Community School website and for more regional information you can access the Two Rivers Public Health Department website. Axtell Community School will follow the recommendations of Governor Ricketts when making district decisions.

As a parent, you have to make the best decision for your child under the ever-changing circumstances, so if you are ever in doubt concerning the Coronavirus please contact Two Rivers Public Health Department for more expert information. For example, please call Two Rivers Public Health Department for advice on direct exposure, possible or 2nd level exposure, or if anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms of COVID. We as a school district can’t give medical advice or opinions.

Axtell Community School firmly believes that face to face education is the best for all our students and we will strive to keep that format for as long as possible, hopefully the entire school year of 2021-22. If your student shows symptoms of illness while not at school, please respect the health of others and remain at home until healthy or a doctor’s note can be obtained. It is imperative that we all communicate with each other and change our mindset in regard to not feeling well and being in attendance at school. We understand that some parents may feel comfortable sending their child at some COVID risk levels and not at other levels. As a school we will work with every child to help them succeed whether they are here or not. With all illnesses, we ask that you do your part to communicate with the school and support the educational process in this very difficult time. In conclusion, the effectiveness of the plan depends solely on individual compliance. Our hope is that everyone familiarizes themselves with this plan, supports it, and supports each other throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Axtell  Mission Statement
The Mission of Axtell Community School is to empower students in a safe climate that fosters lifelong learning, respect, and responsibility in preparation for future opportunities and challenges.

Return to School Task Force

A collaborative effort by staff will result in a weekly level of risk and will become part of our daily announcements. The district will determine our current level of risk by receiving information from the Kearney County Emergency Manager, statistics provided by the Two Rivers Public Health Department, current information from the Kearney County Law enforcement, and data compiled by our district through absences; and temperature recordings.  All of this information will be accessed, then communicated, then will affect how the school conducts operations daily. The school will at a minimum continue to operate at a higher level of risk regarding cleaning and sanitizing the building. Likewise, the school district may choose to modify, change, or alter plans that are not fulfilling the intent of the safeguards that they were created to convey. The intent behind the leveled model above is to proactively outline the actions that the district may take as circumstances change throughout the pandemic. Some classrooms or grades may have heightened restrictions placed on them depending upon conditions in those grades or classes. We will do our best to communicate conditions within our ability and follow all HIPAA/FERPA laws.

Statement of Attendance: The expectations for students will be in-person learning and/or as described in the district’s re-open plan for 2021-22. Student attendance will be handled according to district policy and published in the student parent handbook. The district will work with students and families to provide reasonable accommodations outside of in-person learning for those with qualifying conditions related to their verified disability, 504 plan, IEP, or as documented by their physician.



  • Widespread community or regional transmission of COVID

  • There is a significant increase in COVID positive cases or percent positive cases which may potentially overwhelm the local healthcare system

  • There is a significant increase in flu-like symptoms and COVID-like syndromic cases which may potentially overwhelm the local healthcare system

  • Hospitals are utilizing surge capacity

  • There is inadequate testing capacity for critical workers

  • There is inadequate capacity to conduct investigation and contact tracing

  • There are shortages of critical medical equipment or testing supplies

  • There are PPE shortages impacting critical workers


COVID Yellow:  Moderate Risk of COVID-19 Spread 

  • COVID positive cases are stable or have a downward trajectory

  • There is a downward trajectory in levels of flu-like symptoms –or- COVID like syndromic cases in Two Rivers Health Department region

  • There is minimal community spread within the Two Rivers Health Region

  • COVID has a small impact on the local healthcare system capacity

  • PPE supplies are adequate for critical workers and community needs

  •  COVID testing is available for all suspected cases and focused asymptomatic surveillance.

  • Two Rivers Health Department is able to conduct investigation and contact tracing for new cases and associated contacts without assistance 

  • Critical medical equipment is readily available


COVID Green:  Low Risk of COVID-19 Spread

  • Minimal cases of COVID-19 within the greater community.

  • COVID-19 has minimal impact on local healthcare system

  • Viral and antibody testing is readily available

  • There are effective treatment modalities for COVID-19 and an effective vaccine is widely available

  • PPE is easily obtainable through standard supply chains