Football Concession Stand 2016

Football Concession Stand 2016

Date - Time - Workers

8-26-16 - 6:30- after half - Jenice Bergstrom, Julie Clubb, Kari Wells, Shelly Frasdilla, Kelly Nelson, Paula Fuestman

8-26-16 - Befoe half-close - Jenice Bergstrom, Ann Miller, Jenny Nickel, Kari Fishell, Jackie Minnis, Jeanne Pierson

9-2-16 - 2:30-after half - Kelly Nelson, Paula Frestman, Julie Clubb, Laura Miller, Shelly Frasdilla, larry and/or Pam Beckman

9-2-16 - Before half-close - Shane and Kelly Eckhoff, Niki Kinkade, Melissa Scott, Hazel and Justin Underwood

9-19-16 - 3:30-5:30 - Lori Holmes, Faith Mellema, Corey Smidt, Amy Beck

9-23-16 - 2:30-after half - Faith Mellema, Mandy Kuehl, Dana French, Laura Miller,Joy and matt Snell

9-23-16 - Before half-close - Niki Kinkade, LeAnn Jochum, Amy Beck, Jodi Hinrichs, Kristen Wehrer

9-26-16 - 3:30-5:30 - Kendall Lammers,Linda Lineman, Tonya and/or Shoni Delaney, Brent and/or Wells, John and/or Lisa Skaggs

10-14-16 - 6:30-after half - Kari Wells, Kari Fishell, Ann Miller, Tracy Lindau,Dana French, Jason Fox

10-14-16 - Before half-close - Melissa Scott, Mandy Kuehl, Jenny Nickel,Jackie Minnis,Jeanne Pierson, Matt and Joy Snell

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