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The Axtell Booster Club is kicking off the 2016-2017 annual membership drive. This year we are again offering membership to individuals, families and businesses. We are also offering lifetime memberships for individuals or families. By becoming a member of the Axtell Booster Club, you are helping to support Wildcat athletics and activities.

This year the booster club assisted with the purchase of the new gym wall padding. In past years, we have helped raise funds for the track renovation and provided meals before and after sporting events for the athletic teams. The booster club also provides two scholarships each year for seniors whose parents are members.

Annual membership dues for individuals and/or families are $25. Individuals or families can purchase lifetime memberships for $250. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise on the game programs for fall (football and volleyball) and winter (basketball and wrestling) sports. To advertise your business for just the fall sports or just the winter sports is $60. You can advertise in both fall and winter sports for $100.

Please send your membership dues, along with the bottom portion of this page, to Kari Wells, 605 2nd Avenue, Axtell, NE 68924. Please make your check payable to the Axtell Booster Club.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time with the different projects throughout the year, contact any Axtell Booster Club board member (Terri Barry, Tim Cline, Jill Dahlgren, Trish Danburg, Dana French, Deb Lundeen, Mike Miller, Kelly Nelson, Jeanne Pierson, Shannon Sis, or Kari Wells).

You can also follow the Axtell Booster Club on Facebook!

Thank you for your support of the Axtell Wildcat programs!


2016-2017 Annual Axtell Booster Club Membership



Email ______________________________________

Mailing Address________________________________________________

Membership: _________ Individual/Family $25

_________ Individual/Family Lifetime Membershjip $250 _________ Business $60—Check one ______Fall _______Winter

_________ Business $100 –- Both sports seasons

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