Future Stars Volleyball Camp


This year’s Future Stars Volleyball Camp was help on August 8-11. The camp was attended by 39 girls in grades 4-8. The girls learned a variety of volleyball skills and competed in competitions. Below is a list of competition winners:

Lower Division:

Serving: Audrey Nelson, Megan Kindschuh, Emma Callan

Passing: Megan Kindschuh, Mattie Kamery

Setting: Mattie Kamery, Hannah Lienemann

Short Court: Caleigh Catanese, Audrey Nelson, Kassidy Halvorson, Avery Stritt, Angela Snell

Team: Jenna Marsh, Taeylor Samuelson, Kassidy Halvorson, Kassidy Wehrer, Kourtney Hort, Emma Callan

MVP: Mattie Kamery

Outstanding Camper: Audrey Nelson

Upper Division:

Serving: Jayden Robinson, Maddie Sonnenfeld

Passing: Brianna Kuehn, Jayden Robinson

Setting: Maylee Kamery, Paige Lindau

Short Court: Jessie Bertrand, Brianna Kuehn, Maddie Clausen, Ryleigh Wells, Brooklynn Sloane

Team: Jayden Robinson, Jacey Smidt, Paige Lindau, Olivia Hunt, Brooklynn Sloane, Ryleigh Wells, Laynee Ferguson, Maddie Clausen.

MVP: Maylee Kamery

Outstanding Camper: Jayden Robinson

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