Preschool Visits Christian Homes

On Monday February 13th, the Axtell Preschool went on a fieldtrip to Christian Homes in Holdrege. They were accompanied by teachers Mrs. Linda Marshall and Mrs. Rechelle Bertrand, as well as, student aides Ashley Snell and Paige Kirby. The students performed several songs, including “Ten Little Snowflakes,” “If You Love Me and You Know It,” and “Valentine Valentine.” After singing the Valentine songs, they gave the residents Valentine’s Day hearts. Next, the students worked with the residents on several Valentine’s Day arts and crafts. There were three different activities from which to choose. They made hearts by gluing tissue paper onto a cut out, colored pictures of kissing fish or giraffes, and/or played a matching number game that involved mailboxes. The mailbox activity related to the field trip taken last week to the Axtell Post Office. At the Post Office, each student mailed a valentine to his/her parent. Toward the end of the trip, the preschoolers and residents played “keep the balloon in the air” with paddles. Thank you to Mrs. Tina Silvers for driving the bus to and from Holdrege.

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