Juniors Attend Career Exploration Day

Juniors attend Career Exploration Day in Kearney

On Thursday, September 21, the Axtell juniors attended the Career Exploration Day at the National Guard Armory in Kearney. The first activity was a panel of business people from the Kearney area who talked a little about their specific career areas. Students had the opportunity to asked any questions they had. The bulk of the discussion was about their path to that career. They talked about their educational and work experiences. They also talked about the importance of what we call soft skills: listening, working together, communications, eye contact, to name a few. All the business people encouraged students to be involved at school and in the community to develop skills.

The remainder of the morning, students could check out the Guard vehicles and shop, visit with local employers, and learn about opportunities at several colleges.

This activity is sponsored each year by the Kearney Area Chamber and the NE National Guard.

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