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Dear local business,

Axtell Community School (ACS) is up and running for the 3rd year of operation using StrivTV to stream school events. Striv provides hands-on educational opportunities and support for our students to manage our broadcasts. It has been a very rewarding experience so far, and we hope this program continues to grow.

In the past, we have broadcasted our home events, including volleyball, football, basketball, quiz bowl, wrestling, and PK-12 music programs. Our Striv channel is

We also have had opportunities to broadcast out of town for special occasions. This year, we will be adding a student-led weekly broadcast, The Weekly Wildcat, with weekly announcements, interviews, and shout-outs. This will be a weekly live event, as well as an archive on our school YouTube and social media channels.

We are asking for sponsors to help grow our program through things like hardware and equipment, software and licensing, and educational training and conferences. To maximize media coverage for our donors, we have joined forces with the high school yearbook committee, sponsored by Candice Nicholoson. Purchasing an ad for our StrivTV channel will get you air time during all of our home events, along with a free small ad, or discounted larger ads in the yearbook.

If you are interested in advertising with the Wildcats, please contact the school, or one of us directly.

Thank you for your consideration,

Andy Ohlson

Candice Nicholson

Axtell Community School

500 Main St.

Axtell, NE 68924


@axtellwildcats #GoAxtell

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