School Messenger Updates

Hey Wildcat Nation!

We are updating our communications! School Messenger, our automated robo-caller, offers email and texting options. Around 11:00am today, January 28th, if you are already on the list for robo-calls, you will be texted an opt-in message, to which you'll want to reply with a "Y" or "Yes" to be included.

Keep in mind that there will probably be a few snags, as our contact data hasn't been updated in quite a while. If you don't see the main invite at 11am today, you can always opt-in directly by texting "Y" or "Yes" to 67587.

If you are uncertain what numbers/emails you have enlisted already, please take a minute to fill-out an updated contact card for you and family members wishing to be included by clicking on the link. You can fill-out as many contacts as necessary.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade!

And as always, it's a great day to be a Wildcat!


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