Banner celebrating Axtell's Excellent rating for the 21-22 school year

Axtell earned an Excellent rating for AQuESTT (Accountablity for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow) for the 21-22 school year

The ratings increased from the last time we were scored in the 18-19 school year.

21-22 Axtell District: Excellent!

    *18-19 Rating = Great

21-22 Axtell Elementary: Excellent!

   *18-19 Rating = Good

21-22 Axtell Middle School: Excellent!

    *18-19 Rating = Great

21-22 Axtell High School: Great!

    *18-19 Rating = Great

The score is calculated on 6 tenets:

Post Secondary, Career, and Civic Readiness-This score is calculated on graduation rate. Last year we had 100% of our students graduate. This is a big deal. Just graduating gives our students a chance at a better future.

Student Achievement and Growth- This is the part of our score that has the most impact. The score is calculated by looking at the percent of scores in a school or district that show an increase compared to the same student’s score in a previous year in the same subject. Achievement is a decrease in non proficient scores over time. All of those times you looked at a score to try to improve it, greatly impacts this tenets score and is what makes Axtell excellent.

Educator Effectiveness-This tenet looks at teacher professional development whether it is done at the district or teachers doing masters classes or other professional development. All of this goes into why Axtell has excellent teachers.

Positive Partnerships, Relationships and Success-This tenet really looks at the parent/teacher/student connections and how we develop them. All of the opportunities that students have to help out in the community are what make Axtell excellent.

Transitions- This tenet looks at the transitions between levels whether it is PreK to Kindergarten, elementary to middle school, middle to high school and high school to post secondary. Transitions are hard and making them so that students can be more successful is what makes Axtell excellent.

Educational Opportunities and Access-This tenet is about the opportunities that students have by being at school. Helping make sure that students are here is so important and helping curb chronic absenteeism is what makes Axtell excellent.

The big takeaway is that having teachers be their best, helps students do their best. Students being here helps them be more successful. Students leaving school prepared for their future is the best gift we can give. Axtell is Excellent.